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Our Company

Who We Are
As a leading large scale manufacturer and supplier of consumer electronics-related products and accessories to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and retailers. Pleson’s large scale production capacity, thorough knowledge of shipping and transport, and long-term collaborations with the world’s largest brands means our customers will always receive high quality products at prices unmatched by our competitors.
What We Do 
After years as an ODM, we have now successfully launched our own trademarked brand: PLESON®. This allows us to supply our clients with the same high quality products that we make for the world’s biggest OEMs while keeping costs low. Pleson’s distinct advantage is that our large and diverse team of talented professionals constantly innovates to overcome deficiencies in the pre-implementation design. Our approach is to incorporate the lessons learned into our future projects so that they become catalysts for perpetual reinvention that is so important to a vibrant organization like Pleson. 
Why Choose Us 
Almost all companies will claim a high level of experience, specialist knowledge, a collaborative approach and excellent supply and delivery chains. Pleson not only possesses all these individual traits, we also boast a host of other assets that truly sets us apart from the field: International Safety Standards Compliance , International Standards of Production ,Attractive Pricing , Consistent Standards ,Latest Technology and Ethics.
Behind the Scenes
In the mobile phone and tablet accessories filed, we have come a long way from our humble beginnings as simply suppliers to the bigger companies and today stand tall as equals. The crucial difference now is that we have elevated the quality of our products while reducing the price at which they are available to the consumer. In fact, we are able to provide you with the accessories you desire at prices as low as half the cost of the same from other suppliers. 
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